GPS Hardwired

One of the first additions to my Tacoma was a GPS. Even if the truck was equipped with navigation, I would still use my own Garmin. The free lifetime maps and traffic make these little units a perfect addition to any vehicle. The only problem is the power cords. I like to have my GPS mounted just above the dash, so it doesn’t block my view of the road. Unfortunately,  I would have to run a power cord from just under my dash to the middle of my windshield. A better answer is to run a cord under the driver’s side A pillar.

Here is a picture of my GPS

The wiring did require some effort, but I think the final product is worth my time. I did not cut the power cord to the GPS, so I could still move it to another vehicle without too much effort. To hardwire GPS power for your Tacoma just follow the instructions HERE

To make my install a little cleaner, I use Velcro cord wrap to keep the power wire off my dashboard

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