Hello, and welcome to the Silvertank website!

I have created these pages to document and chronicle the various modifications that I’ve done to my 2001 Ford Ranger. There are some introductory pictures below, and the links to each mod (modification) are listed on the right.

I have added pictures and comments to each modification page to help you. Just click on the first picture to start the slide show and view the comments under each picture.

Let’s start with some basic information. My truck is a 2001 Ranger XLT in Platinum Frost (silver). It has a step side bed, which is also know are the flare side. Under the hood, there is a 2.3 liter Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) engine which is rated at 135 hp and 153 ft-lb of torque. The truck weighs 3,085 lbs, and is capable of hauling 1,640 lbs in the bed. And now, here are some pictures of how the truck currently looks….


Of course the truck didn’t always look as it does now. In 2001 it was a plain and simple truck when I purchased it off the line in Plant City. I negotiated the whole deal via the Internet and finalized everything after the test drive. Here are pictures of that day


For a while, I was a member of several Ranger forums. One memorable meeting was in Daytona Florida where we lined up our trucks on the beach. Here are the pictures from that weekend.


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