PAM PVD Vintage

This is one of my favorite and most comfortable watches. I purchased this from a fellow collector for a tremulously cheap price a few years ago. One of my first tasks was to “age” the watch case using a fine grit sandpaper. I removed the PVD coating on the edges to highlight the creases and add a vintage “used” look. Next was a custom made leather strap with laser toner images. This gives the impression of a tattoo on the leather and highlights the red color. Since I used upholstery leather, the strap is very comfortable and easy to wear all day. The buckle is also PVD coating and has been aged.

This is a medium sized case at 45mm, so it wears perfectly on the wrist. The case is wide and flat, so the watch doesn’t snag on clothing. The movement is a standard 18K BPH Asian clone which is standard on the PAM homages. The stem was a tad long, so I filed out the case guard slightly, as I did not want to pull the movement. The watch is very accurate and a pleasure to wear.


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