Planet ocean homage

Homage is a better word than fake, and the term replica will also fit this watch. This was a quick buy from a known replica dealer. I was going to alter the dial or possibly steal the movement, but this watch turned out to be a nicer watch than I expected. For $29 plus delivery from HK, you can’t get a better deal on an automatic. The bezel is blemish free in the distinctive Omega orange, while the dial boasts a unique ridged pattern. The hands are the classic arrow design while the large flay case sits comfortable on the wrist. On back, there is a well done Omega emblem.

The signed bracelet arrived with a dent, so I relegated it to another watch. I custom created my own leather strap to better highlight the larger frame of the watch. As the steel bracelet was only 20mm (as opposed to the real 22mm OEM), I decided on upsize to a 24mm strap. To complement the design, I used an oversized buckle. This was one of my first leather projects, but I’m proud of the design and it is very comfortable.


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