No collection could be complete without a DSSD inspired watch. I should know, I have two of them. For this design, I wanted to blend two iconic watches into a single piece.

In the early 1980’s a French commercial diving company began a relationship with Rolex. Comex was the shortened title for the company, ‘COMPAGNIE MARITIME D’EXPERTISE’ formed in 1961 by its President Henri Delauze in Marseille France. The watches were similar to the regular Oyster design but with COMEX printed on the dial. These watches were prized by their owners and very few are sold these days.

The DSSD case is larger than the average watch, but the dial is still the standard size. With a little work, it was possible to fit the older COMEX dial into this case. The result is a classic style in the new case. I chose a sterile case, stem and bracelet, with the Rolex name on the dial itself.

I’m deliberately trying to “age” the case by allowing the watch to get scratched and dented in normal use. Hopefully this will match the “tool” look of the original COMEX watches.


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