LED Fog-lights

You would think a Tacoma SR5 Doublecab would come equipped with fog-lights. If you read the Toyota brochure, it says all SR5’s come with fog-lights. Read the fine print and it has to be a 4 wheel drive SR5 to have fog-lights. Some dealers add the lights afterwards, so you never really know what you’re going to get on your truck.

Mine had plastic covers where there should have been fog-lights. It also didn’t have any of the wiring to install your own lights. I could have spent $500 for Toyota installed lights, but that’s a lot of money for a basic halogen light. I started shopping around and found a company called TRS (The Retrofit Source).  They sell aftermarket LED lights that fit into stock halogen light enclosures. The prices are cheaper than OEM lights and quality is top notch. If you are replacing your stock Toyota fog-lights with the TRS lights, then the instructions are HERE.

The lights are MORIMOTO XB LED FOGS (TYPE T) and they look like this once installed

The only problem was I needed to wire the lights myself. It’s not terribly difficult since I didn’t want a separate fog-light switch on my dash. My fog-lights are activated by the truck’s driving lights, so I didn’t need to run wire into the cab. I stared by ordering a Xenon HID Conversion Kit Relay Wiring Harness from ebay. The kit contains a relay, adapters and connectors for the new fog-lights. Since the truck is so large, I added some extra wire to one of the fog-light leads. I couldn’t find a wiring diagram, but here is a standard way to wire fog-lights to activate with the headlights.

My method is similar, but I use voltage from one of the driving light bulbs to activate the relay and I don’t have a toggle switch in the cab. The relay requires very little voltage, so the driving light circuit is unaffected. The main power for the fog-lights comes direct from the battery.

Here are some pictures of the lights and wiring.


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