Georgia Trip – 2011

Pictures from our trip to Georgia in 2011. We drove DeAnna’s Kia all the way to Atlanta and back. The car lost A/C about halfway up to Georgia, so we were suffering until we drove out of Florida. This was the last trip for the Kia.

Our first stop was Macon and I was glad to be off the highway. There were accidents and construction along the way and the trip took twice as long. We diverted off the highway a hundred miles from Macon and used the back-roads. Mercifully, the hotel at Macon was nice and there were great restaurants within walking distance. From there, we traveled to Amicalola Falls State Park which is the start of the Appalachian trail. We stayed in the lodge and in one of the cabins. The cabin was better and closer to the park’s entrance.

From there, we traveled to the worst Embassy Suites in the world (the one in Atlanta). On the next day we enjoyed the Atlanta aquarium, but then cut our trip short to get away from the horrible hotel.






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