EuroTrip – 1983

In 1983 I graduated high school (yeah!), and as a present my parents wanted to take me on a trip to Europe (bigger yeah!).

The catch was Mom and Dad were coming along; and we were going to try and get a visa into the Czech Republic (still communist at the time). So yeah, sounds like fun. Can I stay home?

A big reason I didn’t stay home was because my friend Richard was also coming along. His parents wanted him to “see the world” and my parents knew I needed company. And thus started a month long odyssey across Europe in a rented VW minivan. On day 5, after Mom get us lost somewhere in France, my Dad announced he was no longer the driver. That honor went to me, because I had no International driver’s license, and therefore should NOT have been driving. I was also hungover most of the time (no age limit on drinking) and Richard made a much better navigator than my Mom. We never did get into the Czech Republic (well, Richard got a visa); the rest of us would have been arrested if we tried. So, site back, and enjoy pictures from our trip.



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