Brake Calipers

This album covers how to polish and/or paint your front brakes.

I used the Wheel buffing kit from Eastwood to do this project. It contained everything I needed, except a Dremel tool for the difficult areas.

I didn’t go for a flat mirror look, as I like the “hammered” metal texture that you see when the calipers are polished. To achieve a flat surface would require more aggressive abrasives, and might reduce the thermal abilities of the caliper (due to reduced surface area).



After about a year, I decided to paint the calipers because they were rusting.  If you want polished calipers, I suggest you DO NOT use Meguiar’s or any other chemical wheel cleaner. The harsh chemicals in these cleaners will cause the calipers to discolor and rust. You may also want to use a high temp clear coat to preserve the metal and keep it shiny. Since the ream brake drums are black, this is a better color match.





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