Bed Outlet

This page covers installing a 12 volt rear power outlet in your truck’s bed. The idea for this came from Christian’s page on the same topic.  Since my truck is a stepside and I have a bedliner; I had to modify the install to make it work. This mod uses a 12 volt female power outlet available from your local RadioShack. I use this port to provide power for my air compressor and 12 volt drill. It will also come in handy for tailgate parties.



Here’s a great idea that I got from my friend John Griggs. I have throw away several old 12 volt cordless drills just because the battery packs went dead and it’s cheaper to just buy a whole new drill. I could never figure out what to do with the drills, so I just threw them away until I saw John’s site. His idea is to convert the drill to 12 volt corded operation, and keep it in your truck. I tried it with a Craftsman drill, and it works great. A great addition to my rear power outlet mod.




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