Plastic LED Bumper Lights

This page covers the install of my Maxxima 6 LED 2 inch clearance lights.
I wanted to add some lights to my lower bumper valance, but couldn’t find a good fog light that didn’t require a bracket to be fabricated. Since there is nothing behind the bumper in this area, the light had to be supported by only the plastic valance. I originally found PMI’s website, and decided I could try their clearance lights until I found surface mount fog lights. The lights are sealed 2 inch grommet mounted plastic units. Part numbers are 146A for the light, 146-18 for the grommet, and 142-49 for the electrical connector. I purchased all the parts at Redneck truck & trailer supply (I’m not joking about the name) here in Tampa for the grand sum of $10. Installation took under 2 hours, and was very easy. I have photos and instructions below, and also some helpful tips. Later, I found that the incandescent PMI light would burn out, so I replaced both with the Maxxima M34260Y Amber 6 LED lights.



Additional quick tips:

1. Purchase a hole saw with different diameters (under $10 at Home Depot). This way, you can use the 2 1/16 inch saw to make 2 inch “blanks” out of scrap plastic or wood. You can then use the blanks as guides for the holes you will drill in the bumper valance. Once you have the blanks lined up perfectly where you want them, just mark the center holes with a marking pen.

2. Use a small drill bit at first to start the pilot hole in the valance. Then use the alignment drill that goes in the center of the hole saw.

3. Since these are low voltage, I used power from the truck’s front amber parking lights. Just run a power cord to each headlight and tap into the parking lights (make sure you don’t use the power from the signal flasher circuit).



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